HDB Salary Slip Download for Employees, PAY Slip 2023 Online

HDB Employee Salary Slip

There are a lot of people who are interested in learning more about how to download HDB payslips online. Therefore, in this article, we will walk you through the process of downloading your payslip from HDB, including the login and registration steps.

HDB Salary slips are the most essential document in the life of an employee. Along with his pay stub or PEP, a single slip determines his eligibility for the following month’s salary.

What is HDB salary slip

Your pay stub should be a straightforward document containing your name, address, and the following information: salary, tax deduction, and name. Despite the fact that this is not the most interesting document in the world, you must always be cautious when entering data on it.

After all fields have been filled out, the document will be complete and ready for printing. If you do not feel comfortable entering the data yourself, you should seek assistance from an HR professional or payroll service.

Ensure that the information on this document is correct and accurate. Before signing a document, it is essential that you double-check everything for accuracy.

Steps for HDB Salary Slip Download for Employees

If you want to download your HDB salary slip, then follow the steps below:

HDB Salary Slip for Employees

  • Go to the HDB website https://hbl.cnergyis.com/ELCMv4/Pages/groupLogin.aspx
  • Enter the employee code & password
  • If you are a new Employee then click on the “New Employee” option
  • Then click on “Login” option.
  • Once you login in ZingHR portal, click on Menu section
  • Click on “My compensation”.
  • Now click on the “Payslip” button
  • Finally, you can download the HDB salary slip online.


On the HDB pay slip, they list all the information, such as the employee’s name, phone number, and email address.

They also list information about taxes, such as professional tax, EPF deduction, travel allowance, dearness allowance, HRA, and other allowances if they are available.


In the article above, we talked about how to get your HDB salary slip or payslip. Still, if you have any questions or concerns, please use the upnews360 contact us page to let us know. We’ll try to answer your questions about HDB payslips as soon as we can.

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