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Delhivery is one of the largest courier companies in India and provides logistic services to Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and other major e-commerce websites in the country. You can access the LTL panel for B2B clients of Delhivery using your Delhivery ID. You may also log in to the LTL Panel using your user ID and password.

What Exactly is an LTL Panel?

LTL panel is the administration panel for B2B Delhivery members. You can log in to the LTL Panel to book your package, view your orders, create new orders, and request pickup, among other things.

LTL panel gives you the option to utilize all of the courier company’s services. It includes a recharge option for the Delhivery wallet.

Overview of CL B2B Delhivery Login Guide

Name of PanelLTL Panel
Panel forB2B partners
Official website

LTL Panel Login Process

Delhivery CL B2B LTL Panel Login Page

  1. Open
    • First of all, open
    • Now, the LTL panel login page will open in front of you.
  2. Select a method to login
    • There are two methods available to login into the Delhivery LTL Cpanel –
    • Using Delhivery ID.
    • or using a User ID and password.
  3. Choose a login option and authenticate
    • If you select Delhivery ID as your login method, you will be required to enter your registered mobile number and use OTP verification.
    • For the second method, you can log in with your LTL User ID and password.
  4. Verify and login to LTL panel
    • Enter your credentials and verify your account after selecting the delhivery login method. Then you will automatically be logged in to the LTL B2B Panel.

Visit LTL Panel Website Here

How to Book Parcel in Delhivery B2B LTL Panel?

To book a parcel in the Delhivery LTL Panel, follow the steps below:

  1. First open the website –
  2. Now, open the delhivery ltl panel.
  3. After that, use your Delhivery ID to login or use LTL Panel user ID and password.
  4. Then Go to the My orders section.
  5. Click on the ‘Create New Order’ link.
  6. Enter your LR Details.
  7. Select LTL Panel B2B Client Name.
  8. Now provide your freight type and payment method.
  9. Provide invoice and GST details.
  10. Enter the PIN Code of the receiver.
  11. Upload invoice document.
  12. Click on Calculate freight.
  13. Finally, click on Create order after confirmation.

How to Request Order Pickup in Delhivery B2B LTL Panel Online?

  1. First, open the original website.
  2. Now, login to the LTL Panel login page.
  3. Go to the Request Pickup option.
  4. Now, open the New Request form.
  5. Select the warehouse location.
  6. Enter the number of packages.
  7. Enter the date and pickup time.
  8. Finally, click on Create.
  9. This is how pickups are created in the Delhivery B2B LTL panel.

Services List for LTL Panel of Delhivery

Multiple services are available on the Delhivery LTL Panel –

  • My Orders
  • Request Pickup
  • Self drop
  • Delivery preferences
  • Pre-order inquiry
  • Update documents
  • My facilities
  • Wallet
  • Pending tasks
  • Performance dashboard

On the Delhivery LTL Panel login page, you can create orders, track orders, and update your details, including warehouse information.

Delhivery LTL Panel FAQs

Q. Can I make a pickup request on the LTL page?

Yes, in the Delhivery LTL B2B panel, you can request order pickup.

Q. What is the URL for the official Delhivery LTL panel website?

The website for the official Delhivery LTL panel is

Q. Who may use Delhivery’s LTL panel?

The LTL Panel is used by all Delhivery B2B clients.

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